Plano based Hobert Pediatrics provides speech therapy services for children, toddlers, babies and infants living in Plano, Dallas, Addison, Richardson and other areas. Parent Information
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What do I do first?

Call our Plano office at 972-801-9656 and ask to speak with a speech pathologist. She will help determine the need for an evaluation.

Do I need a Doctor’s prescription/referral?

No. In the state of Texas speech pathologists are not required to have a prescription. However, communication between the speech therapist and child’s pediatrician is always beneficial.

How much will it cost?

Speech/language evaluation and treatment costs are often covered by private health insurance. We will help determine your individual cost before your 1st appointment.

How long are the sessions?

The evaluation takes 1 – 2 hours. Speech treatment sessions are either 30 or 45 minutes in length.

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